In the past few decades specifically inthe commercial sector, people prefer to use lever handle-based locks the most. Lever handle based locks are widely seen within the hotel industry. Mainly in five star and seven-star hotels gold plated design based locks are used. The best advantage of using lever handle lock is that it contains a dual locking mechanism first is the key whole setup and second is the lever itself both are important for securing all kinds of doors and windows. Such type of locks is not used only for securing doors along with that various secure storage devices are also contained such type of locks. Regarding its setup locksmith install the lever handle and keyhole system on the same base layer. In, secure locking, the client must have to use keys and for normal locking lever handle itself is sufficient.

Further, a knob lock is also following the same concept as similar to the lever handle lock. Locksmith Arlington is hired mainly for securing the commercial sector by using a lever handle based locking system.