A forensic locksmith is a newly formed category of the locksmith profession. In this category highly skilled and highly qualified locksmith mainly included. Forensic work demands full attention and it is a kind of research and identification-based work. A locksmith who knows all parameters mainly identification of fingerprints, microscopic analysis, use of dyes along locksmithing is capable of becoming a forensic locksmith. With the increasing brutality rates, government agencies of various developed and developing nations had taken a very crucial step in which they show their weightage in promoting the availability of forensic locksmiths. Forensic locksmiths identify the fingerprint mark which can help in identifying the suspect. Today investigational agencies can’t even think of proceeding with the investigation without a forensic locksmith. Locksmith Vineland NJ is a highly qualified, professional, and mature forensic locksmith and is mainly called for performing major actions in the initial and final stage of the investigation.