For a locksmith,his life is not only limited to perform actions based on the lock installation process, lock removal process, and any other actions associated with lock repairing. Along with these actions locksmiths are also involved in performing other operations which include lock picking operations and others included to do lock bypass. Generally, locksmiths perform two kinds of operations during emergencies which include constructive entry and destructive entry. In the constructive entry, they are specialized in bypassing any lock without making any noise or in a silent manner. On the other side mainly within the destructive entry, the whole lock body is destroyed by locksmiths by applying hard strokes along with explosives it is a dangerous kind of operation and needs some special skill and environment for execution. Westchester Locksmith is highly popular for both constructive and destructive kinds of entries and people prefer to hire them for handling emergency specified projects. For hiring them you just need to execute a single phone call to them.