Whenever it comes to lock it contains a part that is involved in the locking unlocking operation and the second is the key which is also the part of the lock, in the separate form, mainly used for performing locking unlocking operations. Locksmith services not only cover the actions only associated with lock body for them lock keys are also important and they provide various services specifically for the lock keys which include key copying operations, key duplication operations, and construction of the newly furbished key. Locksmith Bronx is the modern locksmith company deals with all kind of keys in which manual, metal-based keys and electronic or digital technology specified keys are all covered. They also know how to manipulate virtual or digital keys. For the key copying and key duplication process,a locksmith usesa special kind of automatic machine which are capable of producing as many keys as the client wants with just a single command. It is completely advance and helps in doing things accurately with less effort and within less time.