When it comes to earlier or traditional concept-based locking system locksmith consider two different kinds of locks within such category which are pin tumbler locks and the locks with padlock properties. Pin tumbler lock is the older kind of lock that holds different working properties. Regarding its construction initially, such locks hold the lock body in combination with metal and wooden material, and later on, after initiating various kinds of operation regarding modification over this, the lock gets superior. In the second category,the padlock is one of the oldest and also one of the most time-used locking systems ever produced by the locksmith community. it is handy and available also in various variants. This lock is responsible for removing the concept of carrying a mechanical key always within the pocket. Locksmith Houston Tx is a professional kind of locksmith company that always like to suggest a padlocking system with combination series-based properties for maintaining a healthy secure atmosphere within the residential kind of areas.