Whenever the term lock is used along with that the term key is also used. A lock without its key is full of waste. Many people lose their keys and make an uncomfortable situation for themselves. A locksmith understands this as a critical situation that’s why they establish a special department only concerning key-related problems. Various services associated with keys are key duplication, key copying, removal of the half-broken key, digital keys, etc. From the past, many decades’ people consider losing keys a serious problem to solve this they use various methods. The use of the clay mold technique is the oldest and common technique used by locksmith.

To find service regarding keys every individual demand for having 24 7 locksmith near me. For clay, mold locksmith prepares a dough of clay in which the original key is hardly pressed after its removal you will get traced data which is used for manufacturing new key. As per the traditional method, it can consume the whole day on each project.